Bookings and Appointments

All appointments for private consultations at all locations can be made by contacting my Personal Assistant, Glenn Saywell, on 0845 604 7797.

Private consultations may be paid for by an individual, a health insurer or a third party such as solicitors (but only if it has been pre-authorised in writing.)

It is normally recommended that a patient obtains a referral to see a specialist from their General Practitioner. This is not necessary if you do not have a GP or if you do not wish your GP to be involved. However, if you wish to claim payment from your health insurer, you will usually need a GP referral. If medication needs to be prescribed, there are also risks if your GP is not informed as they will not have the whole picture and therefore might not prescribe.

I work at a number of locations and try to see patients as soon as possible, depending on where you wish to be seen.

Please see Terms and Conditions for further detail.